Nintendo 2014 Investor Meeting – Live Blog

The Nintendo 2014 investor meeting is currently in session as we speak. After a dramatically decreased prediction for the Wii U sales of the 2013 fiscal year and the continuing of under-performing sales for both of their platforms, Nintendo needs to put both it’s fans and investors at ease. GaminRealm will be providing you updates of the meetings as it happens via David Gibson on Twitter.

– Will continue R & D on hardware in the future
– Says the Wii U’s weakness is the game pad, recognition is low, price cut  is not an option, people still think game pad is accessory for Wii
– WiiU game pad needs titles to take advantage of pad, is company’s highest priority, will reveal nfc titles at E3, plan high-speed     startup
– NFC and GamePad focused games for Wii U at E3
– Mario Kart 8 to be released in May
– Non-wearable Quality of Life (QOL) products to be introduced in the future
-Gamepad profile to be increased
– Nintendo has ‘overcome technical hurdles’ related to Virtual Console
– Nintendo Network ID is important, also used for future handheld and console, now include smart device, not put Nintendo game on smartphone.
– “It doesn’t make sense for us not to do business in smart devices, want to establish connection to users to drive to own devices”
– Won’t optimize software for smart devices, thinking of launching service sometime this year, an on demand service
– In emerging markets plan to push into in 2015, want to establish user relationship, understand prices need to be lower
– Nintendo patterning up for more software and licensing its IP to more companies

That wraps up this live blog. Seems like there are no megaton announcements, but there was some good news out of it along with some interesting future plans. Nintendo once again allowing 3rd parties to use their IP’s is a more than welcome change, as it could possibly mean that we’ll get revivals of older series that we haven’t seen in a while (F-Zero and Starfox anyone?). It’ll also be interesting to see what these QOL products are and see how Nintendo plans on using them to help vitalize the company.

What are your  thoughts on these interesting tid-bits of news? Let us know down below.

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  1. What do they mean by NFC?

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