Nintendo 3DS Gets Home Menu Themes

The Nintendo 3DS firmware update 9.0.0-20 U is finally here, and it comes jam packed with custom themes for your home menu.


Not only do these new themes change the aesthetic, but can also change the sounds in the home menu, as well as the icons. There are five themes available for free with the update (red, blue, yellow, pink, and black) and you can find more complex themes available at a small price. The character themes go for $1.30 and the geometric themes go for $0.99.

Character Themes:

  • Mario Characters (Stamped Felt)
  • Mario Characters (Branded Wood)
  • Hanafuda
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  • Might Mushrooms
  • Completely Yoshi
  • Completely Peach
  • Completely Luigi
  • Completely Mario
  • NES Jumping Mario

Geometric Themes:

  • Stars (Black & Gold)
  • Polka Dots (White & Gold)
  • Polka Dots (Black and White)
  • Stripes (B/W Horizontal)
  • Chess Board


The update also allows you to take screenshots, which you can then share to Facebook and Twitter.

To get this firmware update, simply go to “System Settings”, then “Other Settings”, and finally, “System Update”.

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