Nintendo Special E3 Meetings

Nintendo has announced that they will be inviting selected media to attend two special meetings. These meetings will be lasting roughly an hour and thirty minutes. One meeting is for upcoming title Super Smash Brothers, while the other is for a brand new 3ds title that is looking to be announced. This could possibly be the talked about Majora’s Mask remake. There has been definite fan attraction to a Majora’s Mask 3ds remake since Ocarina of Time made its 3ds debut. Three Zelda titles announced at one E3 doesn’t seem plausible even though many would argue Hyrule Warriors counts as a official Zelda game. There could be another Nintendo ip to be shown, which I believe could be a Metroid title. Metroid 3ds anybody? Which game would you like to be shown at E3? Discuss in the comment section below.

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