Nintendo Files Patent for Console Without Disc Drive

Nintendo has filed a patent for a gaming console without a physical disc drive. It is rumored that this patent could be for the upcoming NX console. No one knows if it is indeed going to be what the NX ends up as, but here are some details on the patent:

  • It is indeed a console. However, it has no physical disc drive.
  • Although this version of the patent seemingly plays exclusively digital content, this does not mean there could not be other variants that use physical media.
  • This version also includes a HDD, but not every version has to.
  • It includes HDD, wireless internet, RAM, GPU, and CPU.
  • OS is made to be fast in order to boot up the console quickly.
  • Has the ability to check if the OS has been tampered with.
  • OS has multitasking abilities.
  • The console can play downloaded games.
  • Games install into the HDD.
  • Games can use different code configurations, and the hardware can determine what code is necessary to run.
  • You can use external hard drives and install games onto them.
  • The console can view an external hard drive essentially as an optical disc.
  • Has a controller with a rechargeable battery.
  • Another controller includes its own screen.
  • Save files can be stored on the HDD.
  • May include the possibility for high texture downloads.
  • Has the ability to read and write SD cards. This will possibly allow for a form of retail games and OS updates.
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