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For the many fans of Nintendo’s Zelda franchise, this news maybe your hot cup of tea. So lets go ahead and take a sip shall we? Nintendo has confirmed that the exclusive Legend of Zelda Wii U will be playable on the show floor as well as have 90 minutes of media shown at E3 June 2016. This simply means that some lucky, very lucky members will get hands on with the new open world Zelda. The playable demos will undoubtedly be extended Wii U ports but will also only be allotted 90 minutes of total play time.

Here Comes My Concern

Usually most playable games that are given on the show floor remain for a long while as to completely catch the eyes of passerby’s and grant free advertising in form of intractable media. It bugs me that Nintendo again has the gall to set a 90 minute timer on a game which has so much hype behind it. My theories of such behavior stems from the ever elusive project NX not showing itself or even therefore being mentioned at E3 this year. I believe they are trying their best to limit knowledge of its capabilities and limit the amount of questions asked by attendees. Which is the reason for Nintendo using the almost defunct Wii U to propagate the intentions of the NX. Ask yourself this, why on God’s green earth would anyone be interested in 2016, about a Nintendo Wii U? Then Follow up with this, why is Nintendo showing us such an amazing game which is supposed to lead the NX into greatness; on the likes of Wii U technology?

The Smack Down

Nintendo is still taking the awkward high road when it comes to 3rd party and competition. They are still holding themselves captive in their own realm and refusing to conform to the mainstream gaming wants and needs. Instead they continue to give us what they believe we NEED and not want. I believe they don’t want to completely leave E3 and purposely adversely affect their Nintendo American fan base. To save face, they simply will offer up another low budget, inexcusable attempt to lull us asleep with the NeXt(get it? NX :P) Legend of Zelda, shown on a Wii U.

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  1. Wow… looks good. I might have to see if I can get one of my damned Wii U’s fixed for this.

    • Its looks great, but I don’t want to buy this for the Wii U, then get the NX and play it on that console as well. It will be a far better product on superior hardware/software. But seeing what they can still do with the Wii U is mind blowing.

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