Nintendo Loses Money This Quarter, Lack of Wii U Sales The Cause

It was announced today that Nintendo sank to a loss in the latest quarter because of lackluster sales of it’s Wii U console. Gamers aren’t buying it because there aren’t any games on the console that can’t be played on a different cheaper console, and other consumers are more than contempt with gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Nintendo lost about 81 billion yen which is 81 million in dollars for the three months that ended in September 30. Making the 8.6 billion yen/million dollars they garnered the quarter before completely worthless. Even with the Wii U price cut, the console is still struggling to find it’s footing much like the 3DS did when it was struggling a few years ago.

Nintendo would then go onto respond to their investors by saying: “The Wii U hardware still has a negative impact on Nintendo’s profits.” The loss was largely blamed on the price cuts in Europe and the US, with advertising and game development also significant factors. Which is childish in my opinion. We aren’t idiots, Nintendo. We know why the console is struggling. Besides the afromentioned statement, there aren’t any games for it. I know Wonderful 101 is really good along with Pikmin. It suffering the same issue the 3DS was going through: It’s library consists of ports and low quality games.  Don’t forget the major lack of third-party support with publisher like EA, Capcom, Ubisoft, Konami not making any games for it. Nintendo is failing because they are trying to sell the Wii U off of future potential with the promise of “Hardcore Gamer Games” like Super Smash Bros 4 and the new Zelda to come out whenever they feel like releasing it. At the same time this isn’t bankrupt-related news either. They are still getting by on 3DS hardware, software and WiiU software sales.

Finally, Nintendo’s target was to sell at least 9 million Wii U unit by March of next year. But it’s not likely to happen. I’m not sympatheic about all this. I mean, releasing a console with an insane asking price with nothing to play on it wasn’t exactly the smartest move. Nintendo can’t get by of the power of nostalgia anymore. Nintendo is in further peril with the upcoming release of the Xbox One and PS4. Hopefully, they’ll pull through and then I can start buying one.

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