Nintendo Planning To Go Mobile, But Not In That Way

For years, people have been calling for Nintendo to go mobile in the sense to port/make original games for the IOS/Android markets…you know, because everybody else is doing it. Nintendo has remained adamant of never folding to pressure stating that they will never ever go mobile. I also remember Shigeru Miyamoto saying something about controls never replacing the feel of a controller. But that was a very narrow minded comment from him as he only covered the terrible emulated joystick games, which begs to wonder how they will pull of porting their games to the smartphones.

According to a Japanese consulting firm, Japanese publication Nikkei reports Nintendo will release videos and playable demos on mobile devices intended to promote its games. What that means is that, Nintendo isn’t porting Pokémon X/Y or Zelda to IOS/Android. It means that they will release demos of the game for the purpose of encouraging more people to buy the 3DS to play said games. If you have and IPhone, played a demo of Zelda and really like it, then you’ll have to buy a 3DS then. It is worth noting that these demos will follow suit of 3DS demos retaining the limitation of playthroughs and are free-of-charge.

Nintendo could formally announce this practice as soon as say this Wednesday during their quarterly financial briefing. How will this affect Nintendo? I figure in a positive reception. Mobile gaming is the hottest thing these days all over the world and isn’t going away so it’s cool for Nintendo to hop on the bandwagon but at the same time never compromise their gaming beliefs. This could result in a massive or minor raise in Nintendo’s stock.

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