Nintendo possibly working on Revamped N64 Titles for Wii-U?

Recently there’s been a bit of an exciting rumor floating around that Nintendo could very well be remastering. The N64 titles including the ever so popular Super Mario 64 with updated graphics, similar to what they did with the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. The rumor also says you’ll only be able to purchase these remastered titles on the Nintendo E-shop for $30 a game. For more on this rumor follow this link here

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo possibly working on Revamped N64 Titles for Wii-U?

  1. This is a rumor, yes. I’m not claiming it to be true…rather sharing
    it because when I get something this interesting in my inbox, it’s
    simply worth it. After all, it was August, 2012, a whole 5 months
    before Super Mario 3D World was officially announced to be in
    development, that I had the information on my site thanks to my source.

    Anyways, take this as a rumor for now and know that if I learn anything more concrete that proves this to be true or false, I’ll be sure to update accordingly. Thank you.

    • No problem i can see this is clearly a rumor. And i would love for you to give us an update when or if you get an update or more concrete evidence. I still believe that this would be a great thing for the wii-u and nintendo as a whole

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