Nintendo Re Releasing 6 3ds Games Into The Nintendo Selects Range

Back in 2010 nintendo started a release type called nintendo selects, this was a re release of selected wii games for a cheaper price of about 30 dollars, today they announced that they will do the same for the 3ds with 6 games in october the 16th. the 6 games are Zelda a link between worlds, star fox 64 3D , all the Nintendogs and cats games, Mario tennis open, Yoshi’s new island and Mario part island tour, unlike the wii selects alot of these games wern’t that recognized as being the best on the console, other than Zelda, they all are pretty bad so its weird having them for the launch, a 3ds games RRP is simalar to a wii games RRP so ill assume these will probably also be 30 dollars.

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