Nintendo Reveals First Quality-of-Life Product

In an investor meeting early in the year, Nintendo’s chief executive Satoru Iwata hinted at a line of “quality-of-life” products. There was a lot of confusion about this and many thought that these products were going to be similar to Nintendo’s highly successful, Wii Fit. But today, we officially have confirmation that these products are truly separate from Nintendo’s game division, as they have revealed that their first product is a fatigue and sleep deprivation sensor.

As promised, this device does not need to be worn. Infact, there is nothing that even needs to be activated. The user just places the device on a night table next to the bed and it will measure sleep details automatically. Iwata went into detail on how the device works:

 “Inside the QOL Sensor is a non-contact radio frequency sensor, which measures such things as the movements of your body, breathing and heartbeat, all without physically touching your body.”

All of that information will utilize the cloud, so it will transmit all of the data to the servers and send the user graphs, providing an easy to understand visual. The ultimate goal for this device is to help people get a better understanding on how they can improve their quality of sleep. The device will also give users advice on how to improve their sleep, which is a really interesting concept.


While this product may seem really random, Iwata provided a brief explanation for this direction, stating:

“Since fatigue per se is not regarded as a disease in the medical world, it is said to be a field where sufficient research has yet to be conducted. We have been fortunate to encounter several experts who have been conducting cutting-edge research in the science of fatigue. Together, we are now developing technology to estimate fatigue”.

Nintendo has partnered with expert in fatigue science, Dr. Yasuyoshi Watanabe, and that partnership has been crucial in making this all possible. Dr. Watanabe also offered a statement on the product, saying:

“Accurate and simplified fatigue measurements enable self-comprehension of the body which is very significant for contemporary humans, and I think it can be used as the benchmark to improve our QOL. We will all do our utmost to achieve this world-first product.”

It is really strange to be talking about Nintendo has a health product company, but I cannot help but feel intrigued by this device. Nintendo has been a lot of things in its 125 year history and seems to be very excited to begin a new chapter as a gaming and quality-of-life company. It is going to be fun to see what other kinds of products they will be putting out in the future.

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