Nintendo Stock Returns to Normal, Nobody Reports It

Today, Nintendo’s stock has essentially returned to where it was normally 2 weeks ago before the reported 18% drop (which ended up only being a 6% drop at the end of the day). But to no surprise, many major media outlets and gamers alike are not reporting the news. Little do gamers know that stocks are always constantly rising and falling literally every day, almost every hour.

Nintendo stock

Whenever a company releases negative financial news, stocks will drop. That’s just natural and business 101. And stocks never stay stagnant.

GaminRealm isn’t Nintendo bias by any means, but the facts are the facts: Nintendo is always under constant financial scrutiny whenever they report a loss, but when they report a profit or their stocks rise, the news is completely ignored. Nintendo stock is a hot topic when it drops, dry news when it rises.

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135 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Returns to Normal, Nobody Reports It

  1. Getlucky12341 says:

    Of of course.

  2. You’re too kind to say the Gaming Press isn’t biased against Nintendo. If this isn’t proof (one of the many in fact) then I don’t know what is.

    • Yes, because by “nobody”, I literally meant not a single person on the entire internet, and not just most site in-general.

    • You do realize that’s a Nintendo site right? Of course they reported it. But what about ign or other gaming websites?

  3. Derkrondell says:

    Thanks Shok.

  4. All it is, really, is angry, sexually frustrated children/adolescents (and adults, in some cases) looking for something to displace their frustration and anger unto. Its absolutely all over the internet, Nintendo just happens to be one of the big targets for it.

  5. Those images look like they are from Nintendo Enthusiast. If you could give credit, that’d be great. Thanks!

    • ……….that is a picture readily available to anyone from Google Finance.

  6. TwistedIntents says:

    I think the reason nobody reported it is because It doesn’t mean anything. When you hear that they are doing financially shitty you think ‘maybe this means they are going to get their shit together and start making the games everybody wants’. When you hear that their stocks have returned to what they were before the drop that tells you…nothing. You want people to get excited about good news from Nintendo? Announce a new Metroid or StarFox, actually give people something to talk about. You don’t normally hear gamers talking about stocks and shit unless it’s a game changer like (for example) EA buying out shares of from Valve or something that will affect the future of the industry.

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