Nintendo Switch Lite Official Announced

Nintendo just Uploaded a six minute video Showcasing the Nintendo Switch Lite, there will be 3 different colors available Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise for $199.99 USD. The release date is set for September 20, Nintendo redesign the Nintendo Switch with a smaller screen and slightly better battery life. Switch Lite will support all the existing Switch games, but there is a catch you can’t detach the Joycons & hd rumble features are removed. You still need to purchase or use your existing Joycons if you want to play games with motion controls,There will also be a Pokemon Sword & Shield bundle but it won’t include the game.The release date is November 8, & it will feature the legendary Pokemons Zacian and Zamazenta. The last thing to note is that you will only be able to play the switch lite in handheld mode, so that means no dock will be supported this is perfect for someone who can’t afford the regular Nintendo Switch. Keep lock right here on GaminRealm for more news about the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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