Nintendo Working on Finding a Solution to Amiibo Shortages

This is pretty big news for Amiibo collectors and fans that were unable to get the Amiibo characters they wanted. Apparently Nintendo is currently working on a solution to fix all the shortages, which have plagued the figures since they were released into the wild. Here is statement that Kotaku and other media outlets received from Nintendo:

We appreciate the enthusiasm that our fans continue to show toward amiibo. Sales for the product have exceeded our expectations. We understand how frustrating it can be at times if consumers are unable to find certain figures, and we apologize for that.

We’re trying to meet the demands of our fans and consumers by increasing the amount of amiibo we manufacture and ship to retail. We may continue to see consumer demand outpace supply levels for certain characters at times, but we will do our best to prevent that from happening.

As our library of amiibo continues to grow, some figures will be easier to find than others. We are constantly looking for the opportunity to reissue amiibo and are already making plans to bring back some currently out-of-stock amiibo figures. Stay tuned for details.

Nintendo plans to make it easier for consumers to know when new amiibo are on the way, through Nintendo press announcements, timely updates on our social media channels and working closely with retailers.

We remain committed to keeping amiibo affordable and easy to access as a platform to enhance game-play experiences. These plans include Animal Crossing amiibo cards that will become available by the end of 2015, and a free-to-download app for Wii U called amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits that launched on April 30, 2015, that lets consumers enjoy playable scenes from certain NES and Super NES games with amiibo.

It is good to know that some figures will see a comeback in the future and that they are working to fix this problem. Though honestly, I don’t believe that this was ever a problem for Nintendo at all. I saw comments saying that Nintendo didn’t know how popular these were going to be so that is why there isn’t enough. I disagree. Nintendo has been in business for a long time; they knew that if they made this figures hard to get that it would only drive up the interest in them even more. By keeping shipments small, it forces the consumer to act quickly, rather than wait.

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