Nvidia G-SYNC

I had a chance to talk with Bryan Del Rizzo from Nvidia  yesterday; about there new G -SYNC technology. Bryan explained how well G-SYNC works with the games and how smooth the performance is, as well as the refresh rate. Regular monitors have fixed refresh rates but a G-SYNC monitor and video card with G-SYNC is faster, smoother and has a better refresh rate. No screen tearing or choppy experience.  There is a difference between V-SYNC and G -SYNC: lets start with V-SYNC technology, you will see stutters, lag and screen tearing. G-SYNC technology gives you better refresh rate, smoother performance, eliminates stuttering and screen tearing. G-SYNC is available in both monitors and video cards that supports the technology. This is worth checking out guys especially if your into PC gaming. They also have 4k monitors out right now with this technology.  It was great talking with Mr. Del Rizzo, stay tuned in with all the latest Nvidia technology right here on GaminRealm.com

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