Oh, Wow. This Aztez Game Looks Pretty Sweet!

Coming out for the PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, Aztez a huge surprise on the indie front.  I was minding my own business and then I got an email from a friend asking these questions:

Are you a fan of 2D Hack/Slash Games? Yes, Do you brawler like combat in your games? I loved DmC didn’t I? Do you a game with a quirky art-stlye? Yes, MadWorld, Yes. Then check this out:

According to the developers Team Colorblind, the game isn’t your standard run of the mill brawler. It turns out that the player will have to implement tactical warfare in the same way as Risk….you know, that board game. The playstyle will be implemented in the game’s empire management mode.

Combat artist and designer Ben Ruiz states that it’s aiming for “the feel and creativity of Bayonetta, the sensationalism and mobility of Capcom’s Alien Vs Predator, and the precision difficulty of classic Devil May Cry.” That last one I’m not too fond of. This is not a knock on the developers for trying this but I’m tired of people spreading their tired ideaology of what difficult should be in a game. I wasn’t a fan of the precision difficulty of the old DMC games because I believe that difficulty of game should be measured by the challege of the gameplay not the controls.

Here is the proof of it’s multiplatform availability.

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