Ouya CEO Comments on Console’s Sales Problem

The Ouya is a small $99 android based console that was released in June. The problem was that nobody bought it. For those of you that didn’t know about or didn’t buy….I don’t blame you at all.

Now the Ouya got its start by the backing of Kickstarter.com  reaching over 8 million dollars in backing money, making it the most successful gaming related project the website has ever held with Mighty No.9 coming in second. But we soon learned that Kickstarter isn’t a exactly a way that predicts the outgoing success of a certain project meaning that just because you do well on Kickstarter doesn’t mean your project won’t do well in the real world.

The console’s launch was plagued with troubles. 1) The first shipment of consoles didn’t reach to all of the backers who supported it. 2)For the people that did get the console on launch they suffered through malfunctioning controllers as the thumbstick didn’t work, the buttons get stuck and the Wi-Fi feature for some units were shoddy at best resulting in a feature that works on and off. And finally the fact that there aren’t that many games on it that you can’t play on your Android smartphone or Steam.  There was also an immature vomit-fuelled Ouya advertisement that poked fun at $60 games, which got a lot of heat over its over-the-top usage of puke.

But I don’t think the console’s launch problems are a big deal because seriously, when has there ever been a flawless console launch?

The company’s CEO Julie Uhrman commented on the console’s troubles during the XOXO festival in Portland.

“We’ve done a lot of things wrong, and made a lot of mistakes,” Uhrman said. “But I think one thing that’s unique about us is that we’re gonna continue to make them.

“We’re young, we’re scrappy, we’re moving fast. We’re building this product out in the open with you. We got our start with you, we get better every day because we listen to you, and some things are going to resonate, and some things aren’t.”

Truth is I reviewed one before and I don’t think this console has a lot to offer. I mean, everyone I know just uses it as another conduit to play retro games on their TV through emulation and the games and the console always requires that you be on the internet and have a credit card at all times to even get games which is a process that turned off a lot of people.

The Ouya was released in June and started a small trend of selling or at least trying to sell a host of budget priced consoles based of the Android. As of this date the company has yet to announce how many units have been sold.

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