PAX EAST 2014: Blizzard Announces 4 New Characters for Heroes of the Storm

Heroes-of-the-Storm-RevealBlizzard has announced today at PAX East today that their upcoming team-based RTS game, Heroes of the Storm will have 4 new characters.

“We’re working hard to create heroes that feel and play very differently than anything we’ve done in the past,”



  • LiLi – “Lili is a new support hero with an ability set that helps her to very effectively aid her teammates throughout the game.”
  • Brightwing – “Brightwing is a versatile support hero capable of teleporting from ally to ally, healing them and providing them with the help they need to succeed in battle.”
  • Zagara – “Zagara has map-wide components to her design; she can drop Creep Tumors to spread Zerg Creep, which helps speed up her movement speed, as well as the speed of her summons.”
  • Murky – “Murky is going to die A LOT, but he’s a hero who eventually overwhelms enemies across multiple battles. He doesn’t need to win every fight; he just needs to win once.”
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