PAX EAST 2014: Check Out Pixel Noir: A 16-bit noir JRPG

Have you been asking for a JRPG that doesn’t involve whiney androgynous teenagers shoehorned into adult situations, moronic anime clichés and crap gameplay? Sign me up! YES! Today, at PAX East, A new indie title called Pixel Noir by SWDTech drew in a huge crowd at the show. The main draw of the game is that even though it’s a JRPG even though it’s not made in J, it’s heavy emphasis on noir storytelling and a hardboiled detective atmosphere is something rarely seen in gaming amidst all the nostalgia bait 2D platformers of the 21st century and modern military games. This game looks like something that came out for the SNES. I mean there was LA Noir a few years back but it was mostly another game trying to be GTA with a compelling story.


I love this idea, it’s rare and unique to see a game like this in this day and age and while, I won’t be able to play it until its release date, but I urge you to support this game on their KickStarter page. I’m completely sold on a turn based/timed attack approach to combat it’s why I love the Mario and Luigi RPG games.


I don’t have a problem with turn-based combat in JRPG’s like most people but, I can see where their frustrations come from. So, why Kickstater? Because they don’t want their game to be relegated by investors to make it insultingly simplistic and free to play. I may come off hypocritical as some of you know my personal issues with KickStarter. But, this game doesn’t hate the hated filled rose color glasses feel of Mighty No 9. and the hype behind it.

I forgot to mention that the same is aimed to be released for the PC, MAC, Mobile, PS4 and PS Vita.

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