Phonebloks – A New Innovative Phone Idea

Does anyone ever really stop to think what we do with our old phones? We toss them out with no care in the world, of course technology is rising and getting better at a rate that is almost hard to keep up with but is that really a good excuse? We strive to get what is better, and what is the newest tech, so we toss our old stuff out like trash. There can be a new way to upgrade a phone, without having to renew a contract or purchase an entirely new phone. Phonebloks allows just that. Lets say you wanted a faster phone, instead of buying a new one just upgrade the cpu block. Love taking pictures? You don’t have to buy a new phone, just upgrade the camera block. Something break on your phone? Don’t replace the entire device, just purchase a replacement for whatever piece broke. Check the video out below, help this idea explode. It would really be nice to see this being used by people everyday, it would add an extreme level of customization to our phones we use everyday.

Be sure to help them out, support them, and follow the link to their Thunderclap, you can find it here:

Check out the video below,

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