Pikmin 3 Proves To Be A System Seller

Pikmin 3 posts rather impressive first-month sales in Japan.

Many gamers doubted that Pikmin 3 would do the tragic Wii U sales any favors, but the game seems to have proved otherwise. In a single month, Pikmin has manged to more than double the Wii U’s sales in the region. Our friends over at PlayerEssence took the liberty to organize and lay this information out:

Four Weeks Before Pikmin 3 (Wii U system sold a week – Japan)

Week 1: 5983 

Week 2: 5329

Week 3: 7060

Week 4: 8251 

Four Weeks After Pikmin 3 (Wii U systems sold a week – Japan)

Week 1: 22,199

Week 2: 14,280

Week 3: 11,373

Week 4: 10,038

“In the four weeks prior to Pikmin 3 being released, the Wii U sold a total of 26,623 combined units in Japan. In the four weeks after Pikmin 3 was launched, the Wii U has sold 57,890 units, resulting in a 117% increase over the previous four weeks before Pikmin 3 launched.”

It is also noted that prior to the launch of Pikmin 3, the Wii U has never exceeded 8,500 sales in a single week. So while this sales increase isn’t an amazing leap, it’s still very impressive how such a low-key Nintendo franchise has managed to do what it accomplished. It may not post Mario numbers, but it’s still a small system-seller regardless.

I wrote an article a while back discussion Pikmin 3’s first 2-days sales, but these full-month results are even more impressive. Hopefully Nintendo can see similar success with the game in the western territories. And just like I stated in my previous article, if Pikmin 3 can manage sales like this, then things are really starting to look up for the Wii U with the likes of Sonic, Donkey Kong, and 3D World right around the corner.


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6 thoughts on “Pikmin 3 Proves To Be A System Seller

  1. One small thing Shokio, in the line “the Wii U has never exceeded 8,500 sales in a single week.” you need to add “in the previous four weeks “before” Pikmin 3 launched.

    The Wii U has exceeded 8,500 units when Dragon Quest came out back in March, and a few other times it got to 9,000 units.

    • I think he should have specified for a consistent full month period, This is a rather impressive upswing all the same and for a relatively low key Nintendo franchise, while admittedly a great game Pikmin 3 lacks the mass appeal of a Mario game, That said Sonic is oddly enough primed to be the big savior of the console at least this year which just sounds wrong when referring to a Nintendo console lol

  2. Shokio, you might as well say that this was for BlackB0nd.

  3. Sonic Zelda and mario will push it

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