Play As Link in Monster Hunter 4

Capcom announced earlier this morning in their Monster Hunter Direct that gamers will be able to play as Link in Monster Hunter 4. Everything that makes Link iconic is there: the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, the hat, and of course, the green tunic. Check out the Link trailer below:



link in monster hunter 4This was the collaboration that Iwata teased out earlier last month in honor of their Monster Hunter partnership. Many gamers and journalists alike got very excited about this news without realizing that Iwata stated that this collaboration had to deal with something in the actual game.

So for those of who thought some Capcom exclusive was the collab between the two, I’m sure your sorely disappointed. But this, in my opinion, is still very awesome and makes me want the game even more than I already do.

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2 thoughts on “Play As Link in Monster Hunter 4

  1. Too bad I’ll be waiting a few months for the “Super Ultimate Turbo Champions Third Strike” edition.

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