PlayStation 4 Achieved A Monumental Feat In Sales

The PlayStation 4, in all of it’s many recent feats, has now sold more units worldwide than the Nintendo Wii. In addition to outselling the Nintendo Wii, the original PlayStation also fell to its successor over two decades later (102 million). Reaching over 102.8 million units worldwide, Sony PlayStation 4 is only second to the PlayStation 2, that has sold 155 million units worldwide. Apparently there is some speculation as to where the PlayStation Vita’s sales were as of September 30, 2019, but Sony has not released viable reports on the numbers for the handheld. A Twitter user, by the name of ZhugeEX, or Daniel Ahmad, posts a screenshot of the consoles leading up to the PlayStation 4 and no mention of the PlayStation Vita was mentioned in total units sold.

The sky is the limit for the next PlayStation console that is anticipated to release Holiday 2020. Do you believe that the PlayStation 4 will continue to sell more consoles, reaching even closer to the number one spot? Let us hear your thoughts.

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