PS3 Headsets WILL Work on the PS4

PlayStation 4 was confirmed to come with a wired headset along with the purchase of the new console. However, it is very basic and comparable to the Xbox 360 standard mic that usually breaks in a month or so. Fortunately, Sony has just recently confirmed that PS3 wireless headsets will be compatible with the PS4 console. Another slight edge that Sony’s PS4 has over Microsoft’s Xbox One, since the Xbox One will not have a headset coming along with it….most likely because the Kinect 2.0 will have a microphone built in, but…we all know how annoying those get when playing on Xbox Live already…

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One thought on “PS3 Headsets WILL Work on the PS4

  1. I wouldn’t doubt that they would be compatible. The ps3 headsets are all wireless meaning that they use Bluetooth communicability. If they aren’t compatible that is like saying the ps4 is not Bluetooth compatible when some games like Battlefield use external objects such as an iPad to connect to the game.

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