PS4 Domiates Sales figures

Sony has recently come out and announced that its PlayStation 4 console has passed 7 million units sold worldwide as of April 6, 2014.

Naturally Sony revealed that over 20.5 million games have been sold(a number well above the total amount of consoles sold), both at digital and at retail, to consumers as of April 13, 2014

Sony also noted that 135 million shares have been “captured” using DualShock 4’s Share button these Captured “feeds”  and videos uploaded and add up to over 4 million Streams!

The Ps4 sales have been confidently announced multiple times since the console’s release in November of 2013, a drastic change from Sony’s sporadic sales milestone announcements for PlayStation 3 (and the virtually non-existent updates for the struggling PS Vita). Indeed, it only took a single day for PlayStation 4 to sell over one million units in North America alone, a game industry record.

In the early part of March, following PlayStation 4’s launch in Sony’s home country of Japan, Sony revealed that PlayStation 4 surpassed 6 million sold, with 13.7 million games sold at that point. That means that in the six or so weeks in between sales reporting, Sony sold a million more consoles and over 6 million more games. Needless to say, the company shattered its sales goal of 5 million PS4s sold by March, 2014.

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