PS4 Won’t support External Hard Drives Among Others Things

It was Recently Announced by Sony that the PS4 will Not support External Hard drives according to the FAQ page on the Playstation Blog. Replacing the Systems 500GB SATA III HDD is entirely possible though only if the new drive exceeds 160GB. Will this effect the consoles launch at all? I don’t believe it will but it may drive some consumer some consumers away from digital downloads. Also all PS4 games need to be downloaded and installed onto the hard drive so that 500GB may fill up fast. On the same page it was also stated that the PS4 will not support CD’s or MP3 files at launch  and in order to play music whilst playing games it requires a paid subscription to their Music  Unlimited service.


This isn’t releatively big news though it may have some consumers thinking about alternative systems. It all comes down to how you look at it and what you plan on doing with your console, for more on the PS4’s feature check out the link posted in the previous paragraph. So Do you guys think this will effect the console in a major way, Or is it something people may completely forget about after owning the console?

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