Rare’s Next Game is Going to Make Fans ‘Really Happy’

The classic game developer Rare doesn’t seem to be the giver of great games like it used to be, but Microsoft and Rare have been claiming recently that their next game will be “uniquely Rare” and bring back the missing quality. Playtonic, a new studio made up of Rare veterans, has their own spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie titled Project Ukelele in the works that has many gamers excited, but Gavin Price, head of Playtonic Studios, said this while talking with The Guardian:

” I know what [Rare was] working on when I left last year. It sounds really good. People will be really happy to see it,” Gavin Price to The Guardian

As a fan of Rare’s games of old, it makes me really excited to see a veteran of the company promoting their next game. Personally, I’m hoping for a real third Banjo-Kazooie game. No cars this time, please.



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