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Deadpool Review

There are soo many superhero games out there it gets tiring. Luckily Deadpool is a villain, not only a villain but a funny one,  well atleast it’s what they attempt. This game has so much bad with it, it makes it hard to admire the good parts, which isn’t very often. Now I will try my best not to spoil a game that you shouldn’t even be playing to begin with. With that said, lets begin.


  • Another hack and slash
  • What it tries to be. A funny Batman Arkham Asylum.
  • What it fails to be. A funny Batman Arkham Asylum.

There wasn’t a single level that I didn’t run into some gameplay problems, the camera is everywhere and the controls. Oh god those controls. Even though I played this title on PC, I hooked up an Xbox controller hoping it would improve the gameplay. It goes without saying, it didn’t work.


The graphics are solid, it’s a current gen game so really much can’t be expected from it. Even then games like Arkham City, despite being multi-plat it did very good with showing off the power of current gen consoles and in my case PC. Deadpool doesn’t pull that off but like I said they are solid and with great graphics doesn’t come great gameplay always so ill move past that.


Deadpool is voiced by my man Nolan North, the legend behind Nathan Drake now becoming or possibly has already one of the most iconic video game characters ever and trust me.. This guy is the only reason I kept on playing. There are some funny scenes. Very few funny scenes. About 1 to be exact, the only scene that made me laugh is the scene depicted in the featured image. The scene was so hysterical I myself needed a potty break afterwards. That really guys is the highlight of that game, everything else are things we have seen before.


Big Deadpool fan? No? Not anymore? I understand. The game really didn’t live up to expectations, I will say this. Some cutscenes where nice, I like seeing some of the xmen badasses on screen again. With that said, spare the minutes in your life and do something else but play this game. The highlight is the restroom scene and you can find the clip somewhere on YouTube. It’s only worth watching that, I give it a 5 out of 10 and that’s only because of Nolan North otherwise it would be a solid 2.

Gameplay 2
Graphics 5
Sound 10
Overall 5