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Hitman Absolution Review

It’s been 6 1/2 long years since the last Hitman title was released, and now Agent 47 is back and ready for yet another mind blowing experience. In this case one of the best Hitman games yet.

Diana, Agent 47’s handler for the ICA (International Contract Agency) goes rogue and attempts to expose the agency for the things they’ve done. Benjamin Travis contracts a hit on Diana and asks to bring a girl named Victoria who is in Diana’s care back to the agency in which the contract was given to 47 to fulfill. As 47 carries out his hit he finds Diana and wounds her with his signature silver ballers. While she is on her last breath she gives 47 a letter and tells him to take care of Victoria. Benjamin Travis would now become agent 47’s new handler, but 47 leaves the agency to go rogue himself.

There are plenty of ways to kill your targets in Hitman Absolution whether it be electrocuted, poisoned, pulled out of a window, pushed in a manhole, drowned, or even blown up. The possibilities are endless. The new edition to Hitman is instincts, what instincts does is it takes the disguise system we all new and loved and made it better. Yes I said better. The game is aimed to be realistic and it does just that. With instincts when you use a disguise of some sort whenever you come in contact with anyone with the same disguise they will start to question who you are and you will get caught, but when you use your instincts you automatically blend in with that group, but there are certain disguises that will pass in certain cases without having to utilize instincts, instincts also gives you the ability to see enemies through walls, locate your target, and gives you hints on items to use against your targets. Then we have contracts mode, contracts mode is where the heart of Hitman lies. People can create a contract and have there friends play it to compete and see who has the better score. All contracts are different some are easy some are hard and some are just unplayable, but that’s the fun of contracts it’s a mode that gives so much replay value and is defiantly so much fun. The audio in the game sounds very nice from the shooting to the voice acting even walking into a club of lots of people it actually sounds like a club and not some jumbled noise. Graphically this game is superior than most games I’ve seen all year. It really shows that IO interactive put a lot of sweat and tears into this game and they actually did it right. The lighting is amazing and the character models are just stunning. Aside from all these great things it does have one game breaking glitch that will leave you wanting to break the disc in half and that’s the corrupt save data glitch. While you’re playing, the game auto saves at certain points, now if your game freezes during auto save all your hard work from challenges completed to story progression will have been lost so I do recommend backing up your save. IO is working on a patch and should have it out soon.

Hitman Absolution is one of the best games I’ve played all year right along with Max Payne 3. This is a must buy game and the developers are definitely taking the series to a whole new level. You will not be disappointed.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Overall 10