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Sniper Elite III Review

A game based in World War 2, Sniper Elite III is very much about being tactical the tagline is “Observe. Plan. Execute. Adapt”. Every level, which is supposedly three times bigger than those found in Sniper Elite 2, starts with a cutscene explaining the current situation, as well as dropping hints about the best way to prepare. You are then given the option to choose and modify your loadout, which consists of a main rifle, an automatic weapon, a sidearm, and various other items such as mines, bandages, and health kits. You can upgrade your rifle as you go by finding the correct parts scattered around the area.

As soon as you start a mission you’ll be given a target to reach, but it’s how you get there that is the game’s biggest enticement. The game doesn’t give you a narrow path to follow, and instead it invites you to explore and figure how you want to approach the game.

In each of the missions there are many things happening that will generate noise at certain intervals. Whether it’s rockets being launched or a plane passing low overhead, Finding a sniping spot and time your shots to go with the increase in background noise, and you can take out a couple of guys without anyone even knowing. All that while the bullet gets closer to your target watching everything as it slows down in anticipation.  As you watch your target’s face not seeing the bullet that is only inches away from his skin, before it switches to the X-ray  as you penetrate their bodies, crack bones, explode organs, while it’s all shown in such strong graphic detail. The sound also adds to the effect amplifying how horrifically violent it is as you hear all the groans and cracks from the piercing bullet. SniperEliteIIIHit

Or, if you’re feeling like a thug, you can sneak right into an area crawling with enemies and stealthy take them down one by one. This is when the game gives a variety of ways to complete the mission. I found myself going for headshots with a silencer, but only problem with that is finding ammo. The game gives you an option to use other things like a rock to distract the enemy and then sneak up for a stealth takedown and stabbing the enemy in the ear. This game is pretty darn violent, but no complaints on that here. ss_59483dd97015f6ef5e7af18272a44b31bb2e0df3.1920x1080

You will catch yourself raising the alarm at times, but all you have to do is “relocate”. When you get spotted, then enemies in the area will swarm to that point to take you out. Relocating allows you to move to a new area and either continue on to your target or fight back. When you get spotted it would be in your best interest to run away. The computer AI is ruthless and will take you out unless you are playing on the easiest level.

My biggest grip about this games has to be the computer AI. The AI sometimes will not even notice you chilling right next to them. The AI had me feeling like I could play a quick game of tag before I kill them because they wouldn’t react to me while i’m standing right next to him. This doesn’t occur all the time, but it happens enough for it to be a problem in the game. Enemies will occasionally advance to your position in intelligent flanking technique, but also chill behind boxes and going back and forth until the ALL CLEAR message flashes up. After that they go back to their normal routines like nothing happened, ignoring the dead bodies right next to them.


When it comes to graphics Sniper Elite III probably isn’t going to blow anyone away, but at the same time it shouldn’t really disappoint anyone. Overall the game brings an interesting gaming experience featuring their intense kill-cams. When the AI is functional the game gives you a level of difficulty that is rewarding to accomplish.  The story itself isn’t much to write home about, but getting into the action of being an “Elite Sniper” overshadows the story. If you want a game that can be quite challenging you might want to pick up this game. They’re a couple of technical problems that may occur, but overall you can still have a pretty decent experience playing this game.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 10
Overall 8