RockSteady’s Justice League Game May Have Just Been Revealed

It would come as a surprise to no one if RockSteady‘s next big title was about DC Comic’s most triumphant band of heroes. Seeing as their latest and greatest work has been telling the story of Gotham‘s Dark Knight. While there is no confirmation of a Justice League title, an enthusiastic new hire at RockSteady may have accidentally spilled the beans. Twitter user James Sigfield was able to capture the initial tweet, the delete of that tweet, and the reposted tweet with a slightly different look. Check it out.

What could have been just a small mistake might have just confirmed a rumor that has been placed on RockSteady for some time now. E3 is right around the corner. Only time will tell if the new hire’s excitement at RockSteady just cost the studio the biggest reveal yet.

Stay tuned to GaminRealm for further updates regarding RockSteady and their projects.

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