Rumor: “Very Nice” AAA Game Coming to PS4 Late Next Year; Something “Major” This Year and More

An active member on Twitter called Shinobi602 has stated the he/she knows about certain important aspects regarding the future of the PS4’s library.

Today, he/she mentions that something “Very Nice” is coming to the PS4. From the quotes it could be bad, it could be a game aimed at kids or, it could  be in the ironic sense.

He/she then mentions that publisher EA is working on secret AAA title at a behind-closed-door event in a few weeks. Please note that, this piece of new is not related to the PS4 thing. It’s a completely different game and seeing as it’s EA it will most likely be multiplatform.

He revelaed a couple of details of what he knows about Watch Dogs:

But, hey it’s all a rumor so be patient.


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