Rumor: Nintendo Delaying NX Production Due to VR?

Nintendo is under the magnifying glasses of many gamers when it comes to their new NX system. The console’s production was supposed to start in the middle of this year, but according to Digitimes, they have delayed the production until early 2017. The number of requested consoles to be made before launch has also decreased from 20 million to 9.5-10 million.

That date seems awfully close to the supposed release of the new console, and shortages may be an issue if this is the case. According to Digitimes, Nintendo has issued this production delay because “Nintendo wished to enhance the game console’s video-game/handheld-game-integrated gaming experience and add virtual reality (VR) function into the system to gain advantages in the upcoming video game and mobile game competitions.”

If this information is correct, then I’ll be a little disappointed, as VR could be added later. Nintendo needs to focus on providing basic quality hardware and software, until they can get themselves back together. Hopefully the delayed and decreased production doesn’t mean that they have little faith in the success of the NX. Following a trend started by others, like VR, is also unusual for Nintendo. Let’s hope that they know what they’re doing.

What do you think about the NX? Has VR become an essential enough feature for this delay in production? Leave a comment below!

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