Rumor: XCOM Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition To Come To PS Vita

Hope some of you are sitting down for this piece of news. The PlayStation Vita is getting another port. But this port might not be entirely 100% true. The upcoming port is of the massively popular XCOM reboot back in 2012. The news is a rumor though as I got the news from a retailer named Tesco which lists on their website that XCOM Enemy Unknown- The Complete Edition is coming to the PlayStation Vita.

The complete edition consists of the main game as well as the recently released expansion XCOM: Enemy Within. There is also a release date as well, showing that the game is set to be released on July 3rd. The problem is that July 3rd is a Thursday and apparently video games never come out on a Thursday in North America and Europe. This is most likely fake with a sketchy release date and no official announcement as such either.

Nevertheless, I think it’s actually pretty cool as XCOM on a touch screen isn’t farfetched seeing as XCOM was released onto iOS last year and Android back in April.

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