Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

The long awaited note 3 is finally here, I had the pleasure to pick one up on its release and test run it. I have to say this is probably the best phone out on the market right now. Featuring all the cool gestures and intelligent face recognition that made the S4 such an innovative phone, makes this one of the best out on the market. Of course the screen is 5.7 inches so if your not into big screen phones then this isn’t one for you.

Specs (That Matter) Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The screen features a crisp  1080p display with 386 pixels per inch which is amazing, especially with a screen size this large.

CPU: 2.3 ghz Quad Core (Fast and Furious)

RAM: 3 GB, yes ladies and gentlemen, a phone that has 3 gigs of ram. Making it the first phone to ever have up to 3 gigs of ram.

GRAPHICS: Adreno 330

STORAGE: 32 gigs of storage straight from even the cheapest model. Expandable with up to a 64 gig micro sd card.

CAMERA: 13 megapixels

OS: Google’s new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

With the new 4.3 Jelly Bean your phone is even more powerful, the smoothness of transitions was altered giving the os a smoother appearance. Multi-Tasking was improved, most of the time it feels like I have a miniature computer in the palm of my hands. You can open two apps side by side, you can text while surfing the web, watching YouTube videos while taking notes. There really isn’t anything you can’t do. Also with 4.3 comes open gl es 3.0, allows devs to create even higher detailed games on your phone, so now your games look soo much better.

This phone is a heaver hitter, I really do wanna say its the best phone ever made and call it quits. Of course something new and better will come out but this phone will keep its speed for at least 2 years, which is good in today’s phone market. If you want a powerful phone, grab this phone.

Something new they added with the s pen is air command, there is a set of commands you can do anywhere on your screen. Lets say you quickly wanted to look something up, without having to open up your browser pull your s pen out and air commands opens up. Press where is says search and that’s it. You can also draw a rectangle anywhere on your screen to open up an app in the shape of that rectangle. So lets say you are number crunching, your reading over your excel document and you want to know what 2+2 is, open air commands by simple clicking the button on your s pen while its close to the screen of your phone, then hit pen window, now you can draw a rectangle hit calculator and bamm a calculator takes the shape of that rectangle, features like this really makes this the only phone to go to if your a businessman, a teacher, or even an average joe because it fits into every ones life style.

It’s a good purchase all around. Go for it. I will also mention that the back leather finish is spectacular,  it gives the phone a premium feel it most definitely deserves.

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