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Have you been looking for videos or any kind of news on the progression of Ultra Street Fighter 4 that has absolutely nothing to do with the mystery 5th character? Are you curious as to what the imported characters from Street Fighter X Tekken play like in the new build? Wondering how your old main characters hold up in this new update? Well, Wonder no more as there have been videos uploaded to show to build of the game being played at a recent test build last week. Also, Here are a few screenshots as to what the updated content will bring to the game.


If you are like do and don’t care for the droning commentary, just watch it with the sound off and please, disregard the stupid names of the players.














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  1. lazyanmtor says:

    From what I hear from pros like Maximillion (even if he doesn’t play often) that the build he played is just the same thing as SSF4 with only a few things changing since characters have minor tweaks

    Im sure it will be a solid game

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