SEGA Acquires Atlus

Finally, the results of Index Corporation’s bidding have come to light. As it turns out, SEGA now owns Atlus.

This report comes from Nikkei stating that SEGA bought Index Corporation for a total of 14 billion yen.

Personally, I’m A-O.K. with this. I feel that SEGA is a good fit for Atlus and will let them continue to be who they are and let them make the kinds of games they want to make. For any of you who may be raging at this result, there’s a lot worse companies out there that could have snatched up Atlus (SquareEnix).

But, yet again, I can’t help but to feel that Nintendo has dropped the ball. Nintendo had a great relationship with Atlus and of course has much deeper pockets than SEGA. So Nintendo, how did you let little ‘ol SEGA scoop up the developer? I can only assume that Nintendo didn’t even try, because if they did, surely they’d be able to out-bid almost any Eastern developer out there.

At least Nintendo and SEGA have a great relationship themselves though, so either way this works out for the company.

Let us know what you guys think down below.

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