Shin’en Announces FAST Racing Neo For Wii U

The first of two Shin’en projects has finally been revealed. FAST Racing Neo, a sequel to FAST Racing League on the Wii’s Shop Channel, will be launching exclusively on the Wii U’s eShop in 2014.

FAST Racing is of course a racing series that closely resembles the likes of F-Zero and the Wipeout franchise. Players can pilot futuristic hovercraft vehicles that travel at high speeds with power ups and boosters.

Absolutely zero details have been released so far regarding the title, but I will reach out to Shin’en myself and update this article with any new revealed information.

And don’t forget that this is one of two games the indie developer is revealing for the Wii U, so keep an eye out for another announcement.

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2 thoughts on “Shin’en Announces FAST Racing Neo For Wii U

  1. … So maybe Nintendo will see this level of quality and hire them on to make a F-Zero game, If not I’m sure this will be a fitting substitute at least for a while

  2. FAST racing league was AMAZING on wii … it looked beautifull… probably one of best looking games on wii (and its a wii shop title lol)… the gameplay was nice and unique too

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