Simple Tips For Destiny 2 Beginners

Destiny 2 is a hit. It is very popular and was really well received by gamers from all around the world. The problem is that many of the players are already used to the game since they played Destiny. What should you do if you start with Destiny 2? 

New players often just work with Destiny 2 boosters. This is also an option but it will not fully get you ready for the game. If you want to master it as fast as possible, here are those tips that will help you do just that. 

Play With Your Friends

It is definitely possible to play Destiny 2 alone but you will surely have a much better time with your friends. Allies make main missions easier and much more enjoyable. At the same time, the 3 classes in the game, Warlock, Hunter and Titan, have specific weaknesses and strengths. When you play with your friends, you can use all the strengths to make the game much easier. Also, the game will stop reviving in some game areas. If there is no friend with you to be revived, you have problems. 

Start With The Story

Your main focus in the game as a beginner should be the main story. After introductory missions, you are faced with different options. Many optional adventures are available, together with a PVP system. However, the best thing you can do is just go through the story first. 

When you advance through the storyline, different extra activities open for you. For instance, you can play Patrol missions or just do some challenges. After the story is finished, you can enjoy some extra options. 

Playing the main story helps you to learn the game and get used to most of what it offers. 

Regularly Swap Out Your Gear

As you start playing Destiny 2, you often find brand new weapons and you get new armor. For many beginners, this is overwhelming. The good news is that this actually helps you to get used to the different weapons available in the game. You can basically quickly figure out what the best option is for you. 

It is always better to figure out if you like something specific as you use the low-level weapons. Your build will be a lot better later on if your preferences are found early. 

An extra tip: dismantle the gear that is not useful for you. 

Explore Planets

When you want extra loot or you just need a higher level for the following mission in the story, treasure hunting is fruitful. Just look at the planets and you find marks. They will show Lost Sectors and treasure boxes. Explore as much as you can so you unlock extra character subclasses. Also, you can gain a lot of experience when you play the Public Events. 


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