Smash 4 – Tower of Smash Mode

So here we go again with another rumor courtesy of 4chan of a potentially new game mode for Smash Bros Wii U “Tower of Smash”. This mode features a 100-Floor Tower, with each floor containing three doors showing what character + stage. With your door of choice you fight a 1-on-1 single stock match against that character, with various rules in place.

In this mode, you pick four characters at the beginning, and each one equates to one life. You can switch before each battle, but when one character dies, they’re gone for the rest of your Tower of Smash Journey. The more floors you consecutively bea, the better your rewards. If you lose all your lives, each 10 floors is a benchmark. So if you die on the 14th floor you will go back to the 10th. If you die on the 26 floor you will go back to the 20th. You are also healed between matches.

The 9th, 19th, 29th, etc. floor is a special Boss Battle. These have you fight against Boss characters, such as Dyna Blade and Mecha Drgaon.

Here’s a Screeenshot of this Rumored Mode. Remember this is just a rumor as of now. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Real or Fake?


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