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So when it comes to my technology and gaming addiction, I really frown upon cutting corners. My definition of cutting corners is simply defined, using crappy/cheap products. While I still hold true to that belief, there is a margin for experimentation. I also believe that before you get really good hardware to help produce your gaming or tech youtube channel, you need to experiment with cheaper products; why you ask? Using cheaper hardware not only allows you to hone your technique but it gives you insight and awareness to how that particular item works. It is better to practice on cheaper products because it also forces you to try and get the best results with what you have. Lets face it, it took me lots of time and money to get most of what I have now, but in the beginning I had to use those same cheap/crappy products because that is what my wallet allowed.

Here Comes The Good Part

Once I felt like I mastered my craft, I felt I was ready for an upgrade. The first thing you notice when you upgrade to a superior piece of hardware/software is, your ability to create better results with only knowing the bare minimum or nothing at all. For example, my first camera I ever owned was a Fuji Film FINE PIX S. I practiced with that thing every day, taking pictures and using video. When I upgraded, I went for a Canon T3 with a nifty-fifty 50mm 1.8 lens. I shot my very first tech videos with that setup because I felt I was ready to put out content with my channel, and what I learned from the Fuji Film helped me spend less time with my setup and shots. It also gave me better sense of appreciation when I saw the end results of my projects because I felt that I already knew how to execute.

What You Need To Know

Many of you probably think that if you have the best and hottest hardware on the planet, that it will make your projects top notch. This is true to a certain degree, but if you don’t have a clue as to what your doing in the first place, then your content will still come out crappy. So I would urge all inspiring you-tubers who wish to create gaming and tech videos to purchase cheaper Items such as a Canon T3i, T6i or equivalent with a kit lens and start to experiment. Using the items below in my kit as a reference, try to find what is affordable and start from there. If someone had given me the items on my list of hardware I own now in the beginning, I would not be creating content with the fine quality and finesse I use today. Remember its no shame starting with small budget hardware and less stress adopting better hardware in the future. Using advanced hardware with endless options puts your learning ability at a huge disadvantage, than working with beginner hardware with limited options. If you have any questions about some of the items in my kit below please feel free to leave your comments and concerns below and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

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My kits is pretty versatile, Basically everything I use for my Product Reviews & my Vlogs.
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  1. xjonno2160 says:

    Good insight man!

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    Thats good article!

  3. Man, I have long wanted to make a youtube channel. But, I am busy with my job as progammer in one of the company engaged in the field of water treatment service in Indonesia.

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