Someone Beat Dark Souls… with DK Bongos

Gaming streamer Benjamin “bearzly” Gwin managed to beat the legendarily difficult game Dark Souls in under 5 1/2 hours using the DK Bongos, a gimmick controller used for a few games on the Nintendo Gamecube. The same guy has also gotten fame for beating the game with Guitar Hero guitar and drums.

This would be a hard enough feat on its own, but how did he manage to complete the game with a controller that only has 6 possible inputs for a game that requires a lot more? Gwin spent “about a month” creating software to be able to use the bongos to play Dark Souls, and then he proceeded to beat the game. Here is a diagram explaining how he programmed the bongos to work with Dark Souls.



What a feat. I’ll stick with Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, personally.

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