Macroaxis: Sony Has 79% Chance of Going Bankrupt in the Next 2 Years

According to Macroaxis, a financial engineering tool website that analyzes companies and determines their well-being, Sony Entertainment has a discouraging 79% chance of going bankrupt in the next 2 years. (You can go here if you want to learn more about Macroaxis and how they operate.)

“Based on latest financial disclosure Sony Corporation has Probability Of Bankruptcy of 78%. This is 182.34% higher than that of Consumer Goods sector, and 163.57% higher than that of Electronic Equipment industry, The Probability Of Bankruptcy for all stocks is 122.48% lower than the firm.”

368f0d42aaa83d013e9719f758e2ed95While it wouldn’t be factual to say that SNE will fail in the next 2 years (it’s all a guess), the 78.49% figure is based off of real, actual numbers. Many will consider this number overly inflated, but it all doesn’t sound too far-fetched when you take into consideration some of the things that have been happening over in Sony Land. Last year, Sony’s market value was slashed down to “junk” status, and they’ve sold multiple HQ buildings as well.

Not to mention, Sony still hasn’t recovered from all of the money they’ve lost on the PS3, and the Vita is still not profitable and isn’t selling as well as it should.

For comparative purposes, Macroaxis is stating that Nintendo has only a 22% chance of failing in the next 2 years, which is very ironic considering the fact that the majority of gamers and journalists online are always claiming that Nintendo is in imminent danger, when in reality Nintendo is very healthy and Sony is the actually the one closest to failing out of the console manufacturers. Microsoft is sitting off to the side with only 1% chance of failure.

Personally, I feel that Sony will be just fine and this is just a statistic, it doesn’t mean something will actually happen at the end of the day. I’ve been fully aware of Sony’s financial woes for the last 7 years (unlike most gamers) but at the same time, I feel that they are a smart enough corporation to turn things around. Let us know what you guys think down below.

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116 thoughts on “Macroaxis: Sony Has 79% Chance of Going Bankrupt in the Next 2 Years

  1. if sony do go out of business, Micro$oft will monopolise gaming, and I’ll ditch consoles for good and become a PC gamer! (SteamOS) and maybe nintendo!!

    • Getlucky12341 says:

      It’s true. TBH I think most people got the Xbox One because it’s just “the new Xbox”. I love Nintendo but it seems like Sony is the only company that is CHALLENGING Microsoft. If Sony goes down, Micro(transaction)$oft will probably try to make 800$ consoles every 5 years with nearly nothing new. That or maybe a gaming crash.

      • *Talks about Microtransaction

        *buys GT6 and Killzone sh all of which are full of Microtransactions

        • I WOULD RATHER SEE SONY DIE in 2014.


      • And now that sony is up , we SAW BIG CHANGES IN CONSOLES. For me ps4 is almost the same like ps3.

    • Microsoft XBOX division are also billions under and even at potential threat of sale. Which would instantly kill XBOX One.
      That’d actually leave Nintendo to take a console monopoly.
      Nintendo does a lot of smart things, and Iwata needs a touch more credit. People just can’t admit that Nintendo purely from a financial standpoint is basically the winner in the console race

      • Wrong Operating income=/=Profit.
        Also they want to SPIN OFF the division

      • Microsoft’s Xbox division is not in the red any longer. And this myth about selling the Xbox division isn’t based in reality because it was an off-hand comment by the former head of Nokia, who was a potential candidate for Microsoft’s next CEO. It’s not like it came from anyone who actually holds office at Microsoft.

    • SweetDangos says:

      MS will not monopolize gaming. They’re already losing I believe 2 billion a year on the xbox division and they themselves are thinking of selling off the brand. I see only Wii U, Steambox, and PC’s in the next 6 years.

    • Actually, Microsoft is considering selling the Xbox division, since it is a money sink as well. Nintendo would monopolize the market, only because they will be the last Console maker standing.

      Quite ironic how Nintendo pulled us out of the console crash in the 80’s and they just might have to do it again soon.

    • What happen to Nintendo?
      On another note Steamos is limited to a frew indie games on Steam BTW

      • steamos is limited to linux games, that should have been obvious…….

    • How will Microshaft monopolize gaming when Nintendo and PC gaming exist?

      • Hmmm what do 90% of PC’s run on?

        • Yeah but where do people buy those games? Windows app store, or Steam?

          • I made 10 games put them on the windows store, most of them got like 5-50 downloads, one of them got over 1000 downloads within the first 3 months. To me though I would not do it again… I am use to maybe getting a few downloads ever for games I make. If I charge for them I really don’t get any downloads or sales. Its actually quite depressing knowing that there are so few people willing to play games not made by some mass corperation that has taken over the market. Its not like how it was in the 70’s – 90’s. even if I was told my games were crap games by someone else that would mean they atleast tried them. But that is not how this industry works any more. Windows 8 states also tells me when people are using it and such because windows 8 has a lot of spyware in it.

    • maybe you should just do that anyways

    • why wait? there a houndred of nice free games for pc, and thousands of mods.

  2. I think the PS4 will be Sony’s savoir and fix the PS3’s damage. They only make $20 out of each system sold but they will have a LOT of systems sold once the stock can meet the demand!

    • Yes it could be but with PSN and all things with PS they aren’t making enough money to support the PS4 for a long time.

  3. Excellent! Let the $0N¥ pauperbrand die with its PauperStation and retarded N4Gay NeoFAG tardbase as well. Let them burn in hell after they follow them off the cliff to their doom. GTFO of business $0N¥!

    • What in holy fuckfarts are you even saying?

      Most of your comment is too hyper-retarded to even acknowledge as English. Try again, sir.

  4. This is exactly why we should be supporting the smaller console and hardware manufacturers that people seem to be ignoring. Too bad Microsoft has tried to buy out and destroy all their competition. We need to get them out of our industry to be honest because they have only been destroying it since they got in it. There is a reason the only place Sega canned the dreamcast in the USA, mostly because the CEO left to go work at Microsoft (probably promised a huge pay raise and bribed to cancel it and blame it on a newer employee at the time there was a new chairmen he blamed it on basically. Which even financially the decision didn’t make much since they could just limit the supply if they were losing money, which wasn’t the case.)

  5. True gaming says:

    I could care less if they did Playstation has been a follower since the PS2 days, I have since moved on to better things like Xbox.

  6. I don’t see Sony going bankrupt. Sure they just sold Gracenote for far less than their original purchase, but it looks like things are finally turning around for the PS Vita and the PS3 seeing how they started making a profit due to PS4 sales, sales of PS3’s to new consumers, and overall businesses backing Sony products turning a profit over Christmas this year. Several gamers are interested in buying last gen seeing the new gen dropping their prices to a more stable limit.

    I know it is stated in the article but dropping OLED tv’s is a better choice this go around seeing how OLED isn’t the brightly colored diamond it used to be.

    I see them turning profits by Q3 2014.

    • The Wii U is having trouble keeping up with the PS3 and Xbox 360 so how can it go up against the Steam machines and the Xbox.

      • jholden3249 says:

        Your info is dated. Wii U just outsold the Xbox One last week. Not PS4, but hey, that’s pretty good for a “doomed” console. And we’re talking GLOBAL SALES. Furthermore, Wii U has topped the Japanese charts 4 weeks running now. Over half a million units sold just last week alone.

        Fact is, Wii U is starting to catch some popularity. Take a look at the charts and see for yourself.

        • Um Wii U out for about 2 years while the Xbox One out for what? 3 months? Wow nice job Nintendo.

  7. See you when I see you , but if not oh well. lol

  8. OH Shokio do you know Sony owes the bank in 16 billion dollar loans and now they can barely afford to make their movies, I’m surprised they can keep their doors open

  9. What morons. Sony is doing fine. I bet these idiots will be broke soon though. They don’t sound very smart.

  10. Isn’t this article stupid? I’m no Sony fan (in fact, I think Sony AND Microsoft are a bit meh), but Sony… failing… in 2 years?
    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in quite a while, here’s my reasons why:
    1) PS4 is an epic success, it clearly overshadows everything else in Sony’s console business.
    2) PS Vita’s sales have actually been accecelerating due to the PS4’s success, here in the UK, sales increased by 68%, and then a compound increase of an extra 65% on top of that 168%, which means the Vita business is on a spurt right now.
    3) Sony’s mobile business at the moment is an epic success.
    4) Sony’s blu-ray royalties (as part of the Blu-ray Consortium) from Microsoft is generating a fuck-load of money for Sony, and I’m not even joking, go view the estimated figures (they provided a bare minimum, and that minimum itself is massive).
    5) Sony’s royalties from each PS4 Game sold makes up a tonne, alongside that of each PS3/PS Vita game sold.
    6) PS+ will help fund the PlayStation Network, which previously barely had any sustainable funding beforehand.
    7) Sony’s been a billion dollar debt a few years ago, Kaz Hirai or whatever his name was, sold of countless of Sony’s properties, and then Sony announced their first profit in many years.

    Sony’s been doing good recently, this statistic doesn’t seem to have taken into account recent events of Sony’s reworked business model if you ask me, even if this has been done by professionals who “know the business” and that crap.
    Michael Pachter knows the gaming business well, and even he says the craziest shit that everybody knows isn’t true sometimes.

    • Nope kinda wrong.
      1. Playstation is only 10% of the company it’s the other 90% bringing them down.
      2. Sony DOES NOT own bluray

      And the very fact that they had to sell off assets doesn’t alarm you?

    • jholden3249 says:

      Um, you can’t argue with the numbers. It’s shortsighted to just say “Well they own Bluray so they’re getting lots of money”. Yeah, and they’re LOSING more than they make. That’s the problem.

      It’s also easy to say “PS4 is an epic success” when the console’s only been out a month. Come back in 6 years, then we’ll talk about what’s been a success or not. It’s had a great launch, sure, but Wii U had a great launch too. Broke records in fact. Great launches don’t guarantee steady success. Now, I believe both Wii U and PS4 will go on to success, but you’re still not grasping how business works.

      Businesses make LOTS of money. Sony has TONS of revenue. But they also have tons of costs. That’s the factor you seem to be leaving out.

      I don’t think Sony will go bankrupt, but there’s no denying they are the most likely to if anyone is. And that’s what this was about. The statistical likelihood. That’s all.

  11. Well..I’ve been hearing this for ages most commonly after the release of PS3 and losses report. Well haters need to deal with something else.

    • How am I making things up when the 3rd word of this article is a link to exactly what was reported? Not to mention, what you just looked up is SNEJF, not SNE.

  12. Everyone needs to keep in mind that filing for bankruptcy (and therefore bankruptcy protection) when it comes to large corporations rarely results in the liquidation and utter destruction of the company. Sony would likely never ever go down that route and would very likely be reborn anew shortly thereafter.

  13. Not sure about the math Macroaxis relies on, but I can guarantee the “tool” generated a lot of attention with this possibility. Let’s look back in two years and see how reliability it turned out to be.

    • jholden3249 says:

      You can’t do that with statistics. If the weatherman says there’s a 50% chance of rain tomorrow, and it doesn’t rain, you can’t say the statistic was invalid. The only way to prove that would be to relive history over and over, and see how many times out of 100 the same event happened. This statistic could be very much true, even if the statistical event never takes place.

  14. I hate what sony became with ps3, but ms is no better.

    Basicly son must not destroy ms like they did with ps2.

    They need to suffer, so they can be competitive and not declare console victory like with ps3 and screw up the consumer just like ms is doing NOW.

    They need to suffer loses, both ms and sony so we can get the better service and not one company monopolizing gaming.

  15. Warner brothers, paramount.Sony Computer Entertainment. cd’s blue ray. many record companies. CBS Record Group,Gaikai Cloud gaming they have more scores of income then Microsoft.

  16. Hopefully sooner or later !

  17. For that silly bunch saying that Sony doesn’t own Blu-ray, Sony are PART OF THE BLU-RAY CONSORTIUM!
    It means Sony DOES get royalties for every Xbone System sold as well as every Xbone Game sold!
    As well as that, Sony’s mobile business is currently successful.
    Sony’s Television Services are also very successful, the dudes behind the Amazing Spiderman, Breaking Bad, Sony TV Asia, are all doing great work and profiting well.
    It’s just Sony’s TV Market isn’t what it once was.
    It seems that all other areas are doing fine.

  18. SONY… Bankrupt ? Are u fuc**** joking ?? Ok, I’ll take a bet. SONY will be there 2 years from now. When do our prophets think it’ll be a 100 percent probability ? Because I can do aswell predictions : in a billion years from that very moment, Microsoft won’t exist, neither SONY, 100 percent sure.

  19. This is complete garbage. This analysis CANNOT account for PS4 sales, which will obviously bring the company back as they are poised to win this generation based on pricing and overall consumer preference towards their system. If you based it on everything up to the PS4 launch, I could believe that, but clearly they would have been winding things down when they were planning a new console launch.

  20. Tired of Xdrones says:

    Xdrones so desperate for something to make the Xbone look good they resort to this.

    Stephen Elop will kill the Xbox brand after the $3 billion total loss it’s suffered before Sony goes down the toilet.

  21. Keep in mind they said “bankrupt” they didn’t say “out of business”. Ordinary consumers will probably not even know they are bankrupt except by news reports telling us this.

  22. what a loser article..

  23. One more thing to those at MS , if this happens to Sony . Do everyone a favor and keep your check book and loan help at home , remember how the last time you help or thought you were making a good deal it bite u in the ass. Please leave the Ck book home or in the draw. Thank you .

  24. TheBusinessGamer says:

    Sony is not a bright corporation, never have been. A corporation that wishes to stand the test of time needs to have a vision & do everything in their power to chase that vision, even if it means their stock tanks for a bit or they get flack from the media or consumers. Microsoft understands this, that why they’ve seen constant growth at massive rates in income despite all their woes like: the fall of the PC, low Surface sales, Bing loosing them ~$5 Billion a year, massive waves of Xbox One hate, slow Windows Phone sales, etc. Microsoft sees a future that they want to make reality & they invest everything into that & make partnerships, buyouts & plant the seeds of divisions which will one day be profitable & roll with it. Sony is trying to be Apple without every having a genius like Steve Jobs who could cut off your arm & sell it right back to you while making you think you got a great deal. Apple makes fads which they milk until the fad dies out, its not a great business model unless you have one of the greatest salesmen of all time (Jobs); Sony created the fad of Xbox One hate, it made the sales of the PS4 larger & the XB1 smaller, but the XB1 is still making MS money + game license sales, & the PS4 is initially loosing Sony money only to *hopefully* be gained back in game license sales. In any case MS makes an exorbitant amount of cash & Sony maybe makes some $$$. Even if Sony finds a way to make some gains to recoup & overshadow their losses they still have a devices division that’s loosing money, a TV division that’s loosing money & a movie/sound production division that’s loosing money. Sony’s net losses are stacking up & it will take a miracle to save the whole company… That’s not to say they might just spin off PlayStation as its own company (but limiting its resources, potentially dooming it to fail at a later date) & let the other few profitable divisions go at it on their own & let the rest of the sinking ship that is Sony be auctioned off… If anyone is stupid enough to buy it… In the end Sony as we know it today IS doomed.

    • The thing is however that Microsoft crafted the bad reputation of the XONE themselves. for a big part that is.

      • It isn’t a bad console. The reason MS made it $100 more is for profit and even then they take that money and put it back into the X1.

  25. I could care less about Sony and their retarded fanbase. If they go out of buisness so be it.

  26. Unlikely. Sony will likely dominate the next generation of gaming consoles with its very successful PS4 launch. Its outselling the XBOX, and its attachment rate is much higher. The PS4 should easily match the PS2’s performance. Microsoft is screwed, and the Master Chief can’t save them this time. The XBOX One is lagging behind the 360, PS3, and PS4, and will likely continue to. Microsoft needs to reverse its decision and launch a Kinect free model for $150.00 less, and cut 360 production.

    • You do realize Sony’s success of the PS4 is because it is a $100 cheaper? The X1 is better because MS is making it better unlike the PS4. Not saying the PS4 is bad just saying X1 is better.

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