Sony Announces ‘Playstation Now’! Let’s you stream older Playstation games

Today Sony announced at CES that a new Streaming service powered by Gaikai called ‘Playstation Now’. The service will allow you to stream your favorite PS1, PS2 PS3 titles through a range of devices such as PSVita, PS3, PS4 and even Tablets and Smart Phones!

The service will provide a choice when it comes to how you would like to access the content. You may either rent by title for specific games you’re interested in, or choose a subscription-based system that will let you play multiple games for most likely a monthly fee.

There will be an Open Beta by the end of January, and will have a full launch sometime this summer.

Wow, this is sounding pretty amazing I must say. For those (like me) who have dreamed of playing your favorite PS3 titles on the PSVita, your dream actually came true! (as well as MANY other dreams from this single announcement)

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2 thoughts on “Sony Announces ‘Playstation Now’! Let’s you stream older Playstation games

  1. hopefully its more usable with slower internet than onlive was, not everybody lives in Sweden with ridiculous internet speeds

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