Sony Is No Longer Making Handheld Consoles

Nintendo has been the solid and virtually unbeatable contender in the handheld market since 1980’s, no question. Companies have tried to compete with the Gameboy line and beyond and none have really come close to closing in on the whimsical appeal that only Nintendo has and is able to deliver on that realm of platform. Sony has recently spoken on the handheld market and their stance and plans on whether to continue their steps to cater to handheld enthusiasts and the response was rather definite in the nature of concession to Nintendo. PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan spoke to GameInformer, that “clearly it’s a business we’re no longer in now”. How profound and direct that statement was given illustrates the large undeniable raise and wave of the white flag to Nintendo, securing their extra portion of turf for the foreseeable future.

Looking to the bright side of the matter, is that while Nintendo may be the king in the handheld market and know what works for the company business model, Sony is arguably the king in the home console market and is very confident about their library and what can be delivered. Situations can certainly change once technology and research builds and changes. The future is certainly unknown on whether Sony will give the handheld market another shot to pinpoint how to be different. Until the day comes to revisit the avenue with handhelds and Sony dabbling with them, we can look forward to the PlayStation 5 and what may come with the stunning new console that’s said to come in Holiday 2020.

According to Pushsquare, The executive did have praise for the PS Vita, describing it as “brilliant in many ways”, but it’s a product that the platform holder couldn’t find traction with. It’s a shame because its initial promise, to play console experiences on the go, is not massively different to the Switch’s main selling point. Unfortunately, the PlayStation maker just couldn’t get the concept to stick.

What are your thoughts about Sony leaving the handheld battle? Let us hear your thoughts.

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