Sony offers Disabled Gamers Free PS4’s While Microsoft Just says “Sorry guys”

According to an article on and a post on Neogaf, a disabled gamer expressed their delight in the immense amount of support Sony showed them and their three other disabled friends. They attended EBGames Expo and were really looking forward to playing the PS4. Much to their disappointment, they discovered that the demo stations were upstairs, and inaccessible to those in wheelchairs. Sony’s representatives expressed that it was entirely Sony’s fault, and that it should have never happened. As a token of apology, Sony representatives gave each of them a voucher to get a free PS4 on launch day.

These same gamers also were also wanting to try the Xbox One, but discovered they had the same set up as Sony. The demo stations were located upstairs with no wheelchair access. But they were not met with the same kind of response as Sony representatives gave them. The gamer expresses that Microsoft’s representatives simply stated: “Sorry, its upstairs, you can’t try it.” and sent the disabled gamers on their way. The gamer ends this with the word “typical!”

Its great to see Sony admitting their mistake, and that their representatives were quick and keen to make up for the mistake! It looks as if certain representatives of Microsoft should take notes.

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16 thoughts on “Sony offers Disabled Gamers Free PS4’s While Microsoft Just says “Sorry guys”

  1. Good for Sony

  2. good for sony. a nice gesture on their part, and its also very good for their image…

  3. *Clap clap clap* to Sony for doing the right thing and admitting their mistakes. And for being so kind to disabled gamers. Indded, Microsoft should take note. Turning these people away and pretty much giving them the middle finger. That’s not a good look. In fact it’s downright rude.

  4. Hold on,did they just go to Microsoft afterwards just to see if they got another free console?You never know

  5. I was there, and not all of the Xbox Ones were upstairs. They could have played Killer Instinct, Ryse and Forza 5 (and maybe Dead Rising 3, didn’t play it so it may have been upstairs) which were available to play downstairs. They still didn’t experience everything though.

    The PS4 on the other hand was ONLY playable in the upstairs area, with every PS4 game in that area. It was still great of Sony to do this and a bit shitty of Microsoft to just say “sorry, no cripples allowed for Titanfall”, but I’d thought I would lay out all the information since the situations were a little different.

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