Sony is Reviving the pocketstation

Old-school and true Sony/Playstation fans may remember the pocket station. A tiny memory card for the PSOne with 5 buttons and an LCD screen that allowed you to play mini-games on it, that could be translated over to your PSOne. However the Device may be widely unknown to Westerners as it never left Japan after it’s early 1999 release. It was later discontinued as the PSOne’s popularity fell.


Sony had Stated in a video that the Pocket station will be making a return On the PS Vita on November 5, 2013! Albeit in the form of an app for the device.  So far supported games announced are Crash Bandicoot 3, the Mega Man titles, The Legend of Dragoon, Spyro, Hot Shots Golf 2, and IQ Final. It seems the Pocketstation app will allow you to access data in Pocketsation enabled PSOne Classics.

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