Sony Should Reveal The PS5 at PlayStation Experience

Dating back to May 11th of 1995, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has been the standard for unforeseen-gargantuan reveals and announcements. For years to come, respective video game publishers would set up shop in the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase their latest software, hardware, and more. In 1995, Sony created one of the biggest moments in E3 history in what we call a “power flex”. Check it out below.

At the very first annual E3, Sony found themselves going head to head with a titan – Sega. The up and coming PlayStation home console vs the Sega Saturn – a battle of price. Sounds familiar huh? Obviously, we know how that story ended. Sega hasn’t seen a successful run with its own brand of home consoles in years, and PlayStation 4 is dominating in sales. The PlayStation brand has also seen its own share of woes. Dating back to 2006 – a massive set back with the PlayStation 3 not meeting the standard set by the Xbox 360 at the time. The brand would soon see a return to glory with Sony’s 2013 E3 presentation. In another war of prices for consumer’s wallet, The PlayStation 4 would slightly edge out the Xbox One with a huge $100 difference. Almost 6 years later, a retail price of $399 would prove to be successful as the PlayStation 4’s lifetime sales sit at a little over 90 million units.

Sony is making history this year, being the first major presenter to sit out of an Electronic Entertainment Expo event. Sitting atop the throne, the announcement came late last year in shocking fashion. Also around a time where fans learned that Sony wouldn’t be holding it’s annual PlayStation Experience (PSX) event in December. Shifting its focus towards next-generation hardware and software, the company decided to sit on the sidelines while releasing in-house AAA titles such as Days Gone. Other AAA first party titles such as The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, and (Death Stranding?) are to follow this year.

It is not surprising that Sony has chosen to miss out on all the E3 shenanigans this year. Lately, the company has taken a much more reserved approach to announcements with new strategies such as the State of Play live-shows. However, when it comes to the next generation of hardware, I believe Sony should return to the big stage. This is their greatest opportunity to gift fans a special PlayStation Experience to remember for ages. The annual event has nearly sold out every year, as fans line up to witness a special year-end presentation on PlayStation focused updates.

I feel as though Sony would be at a huge advantage revealing the PlayStation 5 at this year’s PlayStation Experience. In comparison to their 2013 PS4 reveal event in February, Sony should give their fans a tiny look into the architecture and design. briefly discuss their vision for the future, and leave fans to imagine about all the possibilities to come. Their return to E3 would be nothing less than dominant as they could fully focus on revealing software, and the retail price of the PS5. Also giving them a platform to completely flesh out the internal features of the upcoming hardware. It would give consumers a chance to prepare their wallets as well.

Whether it be the Electronic Entertainment Expo or PlayStation Experience, Sony has proven that the company can build its own individual hype train. With the correct approach, The PlayStation 5 will see a silky smooth launch comparable to the predecessor that came before it. As a huge PlayStation fan, I would love to hear about the PlayStation 5 as soon as possible. However, to me and possibly many other fans alike, the reveal would be a little more special if it came from their home court.

What are your thoughts? Should Sony wait until E3 2020 to reveal the PlayStation 5? Or do you agree, and feel like PlayStation Experience 2019 would the perfect destination to announce their next generation hardware? Feel free to comment and discuss below.

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