Soon to be Obsolete Technology

Oh man, heads are gonna turn around here. Things are quickly becoming obsolete in our technology rich planet, simply because there are consistently new innovations in technology. From Smart phones to services like streaming, and cloud storage. These are just scratching the surface, and soon they will make things we currently use on a daily basis, obsolete. Take a seat or remain on your feet, this list won’t be long, so whatever you choose to do, you won’t be wrong. The list only contains 3 products, simply because I believe these will be the top head spinners, it will be presented in a 3 to 1 format so listen here.

Number 3

Cameras! Ladies and gentlemen when I say cameras, I mean pocket cameras. With smartphones basically invading the lives of every single person on earth, and with each of those phones having built-in cameras. It really isn’t hard to un-earth, smartphones will soon make pocket cameras obsolete. It took a while to get beat, but now you see fewer and fewer reaching into their pockets to reveal a device that is simply inferior. That is why, at my number 3 spot, pocket cameras hold the first plot.

Number 2

Hard Disc Drives (HDD). Yes, they are bound to leave. With services like cloud storage being offered by many companies, it isn’t hard to see.  These will soon leave the lives of many people, but don’t feel like tangible drives will be obsolete. Solid State Drives remain here!  SSD is quickly becoming the new norm, people simply want something faster than a worm. HDD’s were great in release, but now that people are urging speed. They will make there way out the door and onto the street. Cloud Storage isn’t helping with that trend, soon you will see your self uploading anything and everything your eyes can see. All your music, images, videos, and documents can be quickly uploaded and viewed with nearly everyone having a fast internet connection. SSD’s and Cloud Storage are quickly making us switch from HDD’s, is this something you have already seen yourself doing?

Number 1

Gamer’s of the world behold, and be left in pain. This is going to hurt, and I won’t sugar coat it because it will happen. Optical Discs, and Optical Disc Drives. Yes, they are making their way out. Instead of a tangible collection of games, you now have a virtual library of games. Services like Steam, Netflix, Redbox streaming, youtube, and vudu are making disc’s obsolete. I’m already a converted, yes I love my blu-ray collection of Trek movies but I find myself using only streaming and using services like Steam for my gaming. You will also find yourselves doing the same thing, don’t be frightened, the transition will be slow and it’s actually been happening. So don’t be surprised if you find it hard to find new copies of games in your local video game outlet. Soon you will be finding yourself plugging a physical flashdrive into some sort of usb socket and see your games being transferred at the speed of light.

I hope you enjoyed the list! I made it nice and short, but if there is something I missed. Make sure you make the world aware of what you think should have been featured, by commenting down below. So just so you know, this was of my pure opinion. I compiled the list of things I think are soon to make their way out, by what I’ve seen around, and by what  evidence I’ve seen presented around. I am currently working on two reviews, a review for NBA 2K14, and one for WWE 2K14. Make sure you stick around and visit our main screen for the latest in gaming and technology news. I’ll see you fools soon.

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One thought on “Soon to be Obsolete Technology

  1. The end of pocket cameras? I guess I can see it. I mean, I don’t think a smart phone is ever gonna be the go-to choice for a professional photographer, but the technology keeps getting better all the time, so who knows?

    I’m all for Solid State Drives replacing Hard Disk Drives, not so much because they’re faster, but because they’re far less prone to failure due to their lack of moving parts. Their price just needs to come down to HDD level. I think the shutdown of Megaupload demonstrated why the cloud will never, ever replace HDDs or even SSDs though. Some clouds, like Dropbox, are great for sharing and emergency backup, but you always want to have your data in your own house under your own attentive eyes, not overseas in the hands of a stranger where it can vanish without warning.

    It’s a similar problem with digital media; it lacks the permanence of physical media, thus forcing customers to weather fickle corporate tides. Publishers can yank digital games and movies from the marketplace on a whim, they can almost never be resold or even returned if you aren’t satisfied, and streaming is limited by your internet connection and/or your country’s lackluster infrastructure. The digital revolution will always supplement physical media rather than replace it as long as it gives less power to the consumer. As much as I enjoy watching movies on my computer, I prefer to do it from a buffer-free disc that I’m actually allowed to own. It may be woefully old-fashioned of me, but it keeps me from having to deal with a lot of bullcrap.

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