Splatoon Will Not Feature Voice Chat, Nintendo Still a Step Behind

Recently, a Famitsu article detailed some information on the upcoming Wii U title, Splatoon. To many people’s dismay, the game will not feature communication for players you are matched with.

Here are a few things that were revealed:

  • Working on a local multiplayer mode in addition to online and Hero Mode
  • Hero mode is predominantly a 3D platformer with heavy emphasis on human-squid transformations
  • Random matching is done world wide, game tries to place you with players close to your skill level based on ratings
  • Tried implementing a system whereby you could give orders to your team mates, but battles were too quick and hectic for them to be effective so they got rid of the feature
  • Game won’t use CPU fighters; only once 8 human players have been found will a match start
  • Having multiple modes with random matching would limit the number of players per mode, so all the focus is on the 4 vs. 4 for that
  • No communication with players you are matched with
  • They didn’t think of using Bloopers when they decided on squids (they apparently forgot they existed)
  • No money can be earned in Hero Mode. Your points, as displayed at the end of the match, are turned into money and experience points.
  • A lot of the music is written by Touru Minegishi (who has worked on Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario)

It’s extremely disappointing that Nintendo still cannot seem to keep up with the times. Many gamers are excited for this new IP. It looks like a really fun and unique game, but Nintendo continues to hinder great ideas with their inability to stay in touch with their audience. It’s especially bad in this case because it’s a team based shooter. There should have been no debate here. Voice chat is almost a necessity for a game like this, at least in 2015.

Keep in mind, there still may be voice chat for games that are played with friends, but even if there is, it will likely be limiting. If Splatoon is anything like Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart 8, players probably will not be able to talk to friends during the match, only before and after, which pretty much defeats the purpose. Nintendo is always talking about how they want to bring gamers closer together, but with decisions like these, they are doing the exact opposite.

I really hope that one day Nintendo lays off being so stuck in their ways. Hopefully, they’ll get some younger people higher up on the ladder. Until then, they will always be a step behind, despite their amazing games.

What do you think of Splatoon not having voice chat?

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