Star Fox and the Current State of the Wii U

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Star Fox Zero will be delayed until 2016. While many weren’t surprised by this news, I certainly was. With the Wii U having another game drought, delaying one of its most anticipated titles really shows how much the Wii U is suffering. Nintendo has only released Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Mario Party 10, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker this year for Wii U. With the heavy drought this year, the lackluster E3 presentation, and with the future of Nintendo and the Wii U being a big mystery, it has broken a lot of consumer trust.

Sure, the delay of Star Fox was to be able to offer a more polished experience, everyone can appreciate that, however, Nintendo needs to understand that many of their customers are dropping the Wii U because either they got bored with the console or sold it to buy other hardware with more frequent and steady releases. While some may say it is only logical for Nintendo to lose interest in the Wii U since it has been a failure, not supporting it only hurts Nintendo’s image and consumer trust, which in turn can hurt the outcome of Nintendo’s next platform, Codename NX.

Star Fox Zero wasn’t the first game to be pushed to 2016, the upcoming Zelda installment was also once scheduled to be a 2015 title. While, again, we can appreciate Nintendo wanting to deliver a polished experience, starving a system can be just as harmful as having a system with releases that aren’t polished. When Splatoon launched, we were left to starve for about 4 months until just recently when Super Mario Maker was released. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so frequently that delays and droughts happened for Wii U.

It hurts to be a Wii U owner right now, and all we can do is to hope that Nintendo has an amazing launch lineup for Codename NX. The Wii U is on its deathbed, and will cling to what little life it has left until its swan-song, Zelda, comes out. With Nintendo’s newly appointed president, Tatsumi Kimishima, already doing plenty of restructuring at Nintendo, there is still hope for Nintendo, but not for the Wii U.

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